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  • Manufacturing and providing the best generic medicines, as well as the latest pharmaceutical formulations
  • Offering high-quality pharma products across the globe
  • Employing modern technology for formulation development and manufacturing
  • 500 latest products and many more
  • Dedicated units for the production of various medicines, Expertise in a Wide Range of Pharma Services
  • More than 60% of total turnover from international operations and an impressive growth of 30% YoY,
  • Exporting of products to more than 25 countries across the globe,
  • Highly experienced and dedicated team of pharma professionals, technocrats, manufacturing and analytical chemists

Cooper Pharma Limited

Among pharma manufacturers in India, Cooper Pharma Limited is a leading manufacturer of generic & ethical medicines headquartered in Delhi, the capital city of India. Our organization believes in fulfilling the social responsibilities, maintaining the core values and extending support to the society beyond the business motives. As a pharmaceutical manufacturing company in India, we have a genuine endeavor to alleviate the sufferings of mankind and make the medicines available to all at affordable prices. We do so without any discrimination and strive to improve the quality of the drugs.

Cooper Pharma Limited is a part of the Cooper Pharma Group which was founded in 1959 by a renowned and visionary pharmacist Dr. O.S. Bhargava in Delhi. As a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company in India, Cooper has gradually but vastly spread the reach. It is selling branded generics and ethical segments across 25 states of India. The company has achieved hallmark of quality and efficacy for its 450 distributors and 8,000 retailers. Being one of the topmost drug manufacturers in India, it began exports in the year 1991 with an extensive range of specialized products that were categorized across segments and dosage forms. Eventually, within a couple of years, exports rose and soon accounted for 60% of the total turnover of the organization.

Cooper Pharma has reached out to the masses and is ranked as one of the best pharma companies in India. It is currently headed by Mr. Rakesh Bhargava, a notable pharmacist, who has over 30 years of experience in the industry. His contribution towards the pharma sector has been commended. He worked hard towards setting up a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Dehradun, which is the capital city of the state of Uttarakhand. The state is known for dealing with exports exclusively.

One of the best pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in India, Cooper Pharma has been conferred with awards such as the cGMP, WHO-GMP & ISO 9001:2008 certifications that meet all quality parameters and norms. The plant conforms to international standards like USFDA, UKMHRA, and TGA-Australia. Efforts are still in progress for getting accredited with these certifications.

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